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Our Story


It was just a thought.

Hi everyone I am Mandy. Thank you all for visiting me here at HomeAccents Chicago's new site. and going on this new and exciting journey with me. The idea of Home Accents Chicago came about when my fiancé showed me a YouTube video about people that started there own side hustles on IG shopping for vintage & contemporary furniture and reselling them.


He suggested that I set up an IG Page offering home accents & décor online because; well - I've always had a passion for decorating and of course - Shopping!!! and anyone that knows me, knows that I Love to shop. I love to mix in the old with the new! and decorating with vintage finds always added charm and warmth to my home.


So here I am sticking my feet in the water and totally stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I hope that you find that something special for your home - please or else I'll end up Keeping it (LOL) 

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